Fuse and its Friend Navigation Program assist individuals in Little Rock in overcoming the barriers that lead to their chronic homeless condition.


Individuals experiencing chronic homelessness in Little Rock will gain hope and opportunities for self-reliance through the empowerment and caring of Fuse’s Friend Navigation Program.

Friend Navigation Program

Our Friend Navigation Program provides a magical spark to “fuse” the guidance and technical expertise of professional social work and clinical staff with the caring and encouragement of a faith-based organization to produce life-changing transformations. These individuals (“Friend(s)”) succeed in changing their narrative – how they think about themselves and how they see their futures. They tackle medical, mental health, and substance abuse barriers that have upended their worlds and challenged their ability to maintain employment. They gain the assistance to solve logistical problems and access resources which are at their disposal. And they do so with a pastor as their life coach who shows them that they are truly loved and worthy.

Sponsor or serve a Monday or Wednesday dinner for 84 Friends.

Make a sustaining monthly gift of $25-100 to support staffing and programs.


Volunteer as a “Champion” or Friend mentor.

Just one spark…

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